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Poem CI

Selected bibliography of books by Dulce María Loynaz, including selected prose works and English translations.

Water Play
Book in Spanish Book in Spanish
Versos (Verses). Madrid,1950. Sample poem:Traveler Juegos de Agua (Waterplay). Editora Nacional, Madrid, 1951. Sample poems: Waterplay, Harp, Noah
Book in Spanish Poemas na˙fragos (Shipwrecked poems). Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1991. Excerpts: The Bride of Lazarus, Love Letter to King Tutankhamen
Book in Spanish
Poemas sin nombre (Nameless Poems). Aguilar, Madrid, 1953. Sample poems: Poem CXXIV, Poem CI
Book in Spanish Bestiarium (Bestiary). Poems written in her teens.
Facsimile edition, URBE, 1992.
Ultimos días de una casa (Last days of a house). Colección Palma, Madrid, 1958.
Poesía completa (Complete poems). Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1993. Poemas escogidos
( Selected Poems).
Edited by Pedro Simón. University of Alcala de Henares, Madrid, 1995.
Poesía (Poetry). Centennial Edition. Editorial Letras Cubanas, 2002. Jardín (Garden). Lyric novel. Aguilar, Madrid, 1951. This cover, Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1993

Un verano en Tenerife (A summer in Tenerife). Memoir. Aguilar, Madrid, 1958. This cover, Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1995.

Fe de vida (Life's Faith). Memoir. Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1995.
Dulce María Loynaz: A Woman in Her Garden (Selected Poems). Bilingual: English translation by Judith Kerman et al. White Pine, Buffalo, NY, 2002.

Carta de Amor al Rey Tut-Ank-Amen (Love Letter to King Tutankhamen). Bilingual: English translation by Judith Kerman. CCLEH, Santo Domingo, D.R., 2002. Limited edition of 250, signed and numbered by translator.

Poems Without Name. Bilingual: English translations by Harriet de Onís. Editorial José Martií, 1993.

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