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Time Lines
Childhood and maturity

Dulce María Loynaz began to be rediscovered and reintroduced to her public in the early 1980’s through the efforts of several people simultaneously, especially Aldo Martínez Malo, Miguel Barnet, and the great Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso and her husband Pedro Simón. Vicente González Castro, a television producer, became interested in Dulce María's work when he heard of her first nomination for the Cervantes Prize and the publication of her Selected Poems in 1985. He began work on a major documentary about her, which was aired for the first time on Televisión Cubana in 1987. The video segments and historical photographs on this website are excerpts from that program.

{Audio Link:
Vicente Castro's documentary}

Marriage to Pablo
Silent Years

Beginning in the early 1980’s, Dulce María reentered literary society. She received literary prizes and was invited to give papers. She was renominated for the Cervantes prize. Gradually, in her 80's, she became a major cultural icon.

{Audio Link: Barnet - "a frustrated woman"}

The television program Vicente González Castro made about her shows that Dulce María remained a strong-minded, supremely intelligent, aristocratic and attractive woman well into her 80’s. That forceful and sometimes coquettish personality is vividly recalled by Miguel Barnet.

{Audio Link: Barnet - the rose and the whip}

Barnet’s description of the last years of Dulce María life, the years of her celebrity and especially the trip to Spain to receive the Cervantes Prize, are particularly poignant.

{Audio Link: Barnet - her old age}

By the end of her life, she had become a Cuban cultural superstar, her books available on every book rack. But she remained a very private person. She had also become extremely frail and easily fatigued, although she clearly enjoyed her belated celebrity. Until her death in early 1997 at the age of 94, she lived alone with her poetry, memories, and the devoted companionship of a few old friends.

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