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Why this site?
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About Judith Kerman
I am a Taiwanese person. I did several different types of jobs before I came here. I was a musician. I never thought that I could do anything else other than a musician. However, after I retired from the Taiwanese Army, I went to Taipei (The biggest city in Taiwan) and I had the change to know what is multimedia, and also went into this area. After I started studying multimedia, I was total addicting on it. And then, I decided to go to American to do my further study. This project is my capstone of my master degree. Also, this is my first website which is created by myself. Thus, if you have any suggestion or comment, please feel free to e- mail me and let me know it. I would appreciate your help.
About Hammer
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About Hammer

Shun-Kai Chuang (Hammer):
Project Designer

Contact Information:


Saginaw Valley State University — Communication of Multimedia (M.A.) (2003)
Asia International Center (A.I.C.) Multimedia Software Certificate (2001)
Van-Nan Institute of Technology Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (1997)

Professional Experience:

2001 Issue "Cut Into Your Own Show Business" (Premiere 6.x) with my brother-in-law Derrick Wu
2000 A.I.C. Part time Audio Recording Instructor
1998-1999 Served in the Taiwanese Army (March Band)/ Personnel Matters
1997 Music Producer (For Children's music)/Recording Engineer
1996 Model Agent/ Public Audio/Light System Salesman
1995-1997 Public Audio/Light System Engineer
1992-1994 Kuo Kaung Senior High School Journal's Photographer


2000 Part time A.I.C. Audio Recording Instructor
1997-1998 Music Instrument Digital Interface (M.I.D.I.) Instructor
1994-1998 Folk / Electric Guitar Instructor

Professional Development:

  1. Graph Design Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max
  2. Web Software: Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia,
    Fireworks MX, Microsoft, FrontPage
  3. Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect, Cleaner 5EZ Pro, Sonic Foundry Vegas Video, Sony Picture Gear, Ulead Media Studio Pro.
  4. Audio/ Compose Software: Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Steinberg ReBirth RB-338 (Techno Micro Composer), Master Tracks Pro, Band-in-a-Box, Sonic Foundry Vegas Audio
  5. Photography: Traditional and digital camera and dark room skill